We are used to saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. How many words come to your mind when you see a pair of sneakers?!

Sneakers have dominated in women's wardrobes. No one can deny that they are the ultimate fashion trend as they are inextricably linked to comfort and style.

This year, the casual look is hotter than ever! Social developments "force" modern fashion to adapt to them and the largest fashion houses in the world, include in their collections special and imaginative designs, making them breathtaking before they are even released on the market.

Every woman, regardless of her age, love to wear them since she wants to simplify her daily life, which is full of challenges. However, no matter how casual we want our appearance to be, we should always wear a statement element that will make our style unique.

Are you wondering which will be this element that will make you feel special and make everyone talking about your style? There are a lot of options! It can even be an accessory or a lipstick in an intense color.

As for you who are addicted to shoes, we present you the 5 sneakers - statement that will steal your heart.

The Flaneur Sneakers are here for all of you who are looking for a pair of sneakers that will be special and you can easily combine them with a large color palette!

Flaneur Sneakers

In a similar philosophy are Zebre Sneakers, which can take off a total black or a total white outfit as they have the pony skin detail.

Zebre Sneakers

In addition, if you love wearing total black outfits, choose the Fuego Sneakers and add color to your looks.

Fuego Sneakers Fuego Sneakers

As we told you above, a statement of your appearance can also be an accessory! So how about a shoe accessory?

Mettalic rivets have returned to fashion in various designs and colors, decorating all kinds of shoes. One of these shoes is the Aurora Sneakers, which you can find in our online shop in many colors in order to choose the color that suits you.

Aurora Sneakers Aurora Sneakers

Finally, if you consider the above options bold, we have the solution for you! The Sansa Sneakers are the smartest purchase you can do as the detachable accessories they have giving you the οption to wear them the way you want.

Sansa Sneakers Sansa Sneakers

These were some of our choices. Make your own special choice!

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